150 portraits

My project ‘seconds’ started around three years ago and this week I published my 150th long exposure portrait. Though I created some more, not all were for public eyes, some people didn’t wanted their photo to be published.

I must say I still enjoy the process of creating a long exposure portrait but it is getting a bit monotonous and therefore reason for me to add a normal portrait as well during the session. 

It is that hard, just switch camera’s (I use a special camera for most of the long exposure portraits), though in the some portraits I did this week, for the sitter it is a bit harder: they need to change their mindset and some were not able and they remained still for several seconds while I did the normal portrait.

But more important, I am working on a new project, a new portrait series, and I must admit I am eager to start. It is still boiling in my head though next week I have the first session already. I am so looking forward to this, as it will be so different from ‘seconds’, with a different lightning setup, all about emotions and about the sitter.

That said, every session can be used for a long exposure portrait as well, so this story, this project continues …

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