transcendent I

transcendent: adjective “beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience”

I’ve always been intrigued with movement within photography, especially when this leads to abstract imagery. Though mostly it is of no use in people photography (who wants to have a blurred wedding photo?), it is a great way for a photographer to keep his creative feelings flowing. 

Though the original version is made of blues and yellows, I prefer the black and white one. It is more calming. Except for conversion to black & white there have been no editing. The image is straight out of the camera.

The photo is made two years ago, right here on ‘my’ hill. Snow was melted, spring was just around the corner. A low sun was shining through a forest where leaves were not yet present. Just bare branches and yellow - long time ago died - grass.

Exposure time was slow, yet much quicker than I use nowadays for my portraits. Main difference though is that in this case, no tripod was used: camera shake was desired to reach the effect I was after: a blurred image of a young forest.

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