... about seconds a series of long exposure portraits.

why take a picture which last several seconds if you can do the same in one ‘click’? 

why bother a sitter to sit still, not move at all, for seconds so I can take a photo?

inspired by photos from ‘the beginning’ (which are much more intense) I started to experiment in order to achieve the look from 'the beginning', but in the digital age.


I learned that with an exposure of several seconds light wraps beautiful around my subject. I learned that the portraits gained in intensity. I also learned that not every camera is suitable: I needed a special camera to capture as much detail possible.

with an exposure of several seconds one can not keep up appearances and this combined with a high resolution results in an intense portrait showing the real you. I am able to capture a person as I see it: no mask, just reality.

... about me

born and raised in the netherlands, where I lived in the middle, the north, the south and then the middle again (it sounds like holland is big, but it isn't. it might be great, but big surely it isn't).

I was a long-time student as school was fun and in the end I studied at the photo-academy in amsterdam (masterclasses in portraits and lightning) and new-york (journalism).

as a wedding photographer I've shot over 300 weddings with couples from six continents (only antarctica is missing) and had a great time doing this, enjoying wonderful moments with my couples.

radio sljeme called me “one of croatia’s most eminent wedding photographers”. 


nowadays I rarely do weddings, my focus is on portraits: somehow the idea of being a starving artist is more appealing to me than being a commercial professional as weddings are so much more profitable than portraits but then, I do love creating portraits so much more than weddings. 

silly me. one day I'll be wiser and earn some money.

living on the hills of zagreb, I like to enjoy the simplicity of life with some good food, a glass of wine and a nice conversation. I believe that the beauty of life is to be found in small things: you just have to see them. it's the same for the beauty inside us, you just need to see it. I feel blessed, cause I see.

I am a member of the nvf (dutch association of photo journalists).

... connect

take a second to connect with me.

we can have a drink, a dinner, a talk or simply create a portrait of you. I'd love that! It will be an interesting experience.

+385 (0)91 7397 404

[email protected]

... latest seconds

... about gear

(last and least, the part read by photographers only as normal folks don't give a sh!t)


there are many great camera's available and all have their pro's and con's. it is up to you to find out which one serves you the best.

I am not brand loyal. I loved my 500c/m's but preferred the old sl66. the ae1 and f3 were great but I enjoyed the g1 much more. the x100 has beaten my d700 and the dp3m outperformed any digital camera I owned.

the camera, like film, is your palette to create images. one should not waste too much words about it.

one should use it.


glass is an investment for life and you can have the best camera, if you have bad glass, it's a waste of your camera.

buy the best you can afford. buy it wisely. you don't need much, less is more.

personally I prefer primes, zooms make me lazy, I love the challenge to frame with a prime, it keeps me alert.

as I do people, to me everything over 90mm (FF) is an overkill. I want to create intimate portraits without the need to shout to my subject. at the shorter side, less than 21mm I do not need either.


to me, light is the most important part and if not available one needs to make it available. 

if light is available, one might need to modify it: for that reason, my most used gadget is a small reflector (the sunmover from sunbounce) though I use bigger ones (upto 2m2 from lastolite) as well. 

if needed, I use a flash or two (softened with a beauty dish and/or strip light) or permanent lights like dedolights or ledpanels, depending on the atmosphere I want to create.

no light, no photo.

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