::  seconds

for three years I am creating long exposure portraits. First in high contrast black & white ('seconds'), later more subtile in both colour ('chromatisms') and black & white ('diatonics').

Why take a picture which last several seconds if you can do the same in one ‘click’? Why bother a sitter to sit still, not move at all, for seconds so I can take a photo?

Inspired by photos from ‘the beginning’ (which are much more serious, more posed than they are now) I started to experiment. I learned that with an exposure of several seconds light wraps beautiful around my subject. I learned that the portraits gained in intensity. I also learned that not every camera is suitable. 

With this process I am able to capture a person as I think they are. No mask, just reality.

::  connections

this series will be all about the connections we have, but even more, who is our dearest connection? 

The idea is simple: I will photograph one person. This person will tell me which is her/his dearest connection (s)he’d like to have a portrait of. Than, I’ll photograph that person, and that person will tell me which is her/his dearest connection… and so on, and so on. 

The first series within the project will be The Dance Connection, and this month I will be able to show you the first series of images. I sincerely hope that with this project I’ll be able to make a rather complete portrait of the Croatian Dance Scene. 

Opening portrait of the series will be with one of HNK’s finest prima ballerina’s. More info can be found here.

::  olaf

born and raised dutch, studied at the photo-academy in amsterdam and a member of the nvf (dutch association of photo journalists).

as a wedding photographer I've shot over 300 weddings with couples from six continents  and had a great time doing this, enjoying wonderful moments with my couples. nowadays I rarely do weddings, my focus is on portraits which I love.


living on the hills of zagreb, I like to enjoy the simplicity of life with some good food, a glass of wine and a nice conversation.

I believe that the beauty of life is to be found in small things: you just have to see them. it's the same for the beauty inside us, you just need to see it. 

I feel blessed, cause I see.

::  sneakpreview

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