portrait of niko

His last day in the firm: leaving for another challenge at another great company. I asked him to drop by quickly for a portrait. So he did, at the end of the day. We managed to shoot two images only.

I like the result, partially sharp, partially moved. Question is, what moved him? The past? Or the future?

portrait of igor

I met him in the hall, he was on his way out. Warm winterjacket, nice cap and earplugs listening some music. I really liked his cap and asked him to do a session. 

We did three shots (again), it took all probably less then five minutes (again), and we were done. The last images was the quickest (slightly over 3 seconds) but I do love this portrait.

“please, do not put me online”

“If you put my image online, I’ll sue you” …

Though said as a joke, the sitter was obviously not happy with the reality of my portrait. I don’t do photoshop. I don’t edit my portraits except for a black & white conversion.

But, if a person is not happy with his/her portrait I will not publish it. That simple. If a person wants me to delete the files, I’ll do so (though I don’t like this, I hate deleting photos).

It is all about trust. I can only try to photograph you, to show the real you, if you trust me.

portrait of rea

I loved her shirt, knew that it would greatly fit her hair in a black & white image. We did the session within five minutes, all very simple: window light and a reflector, a camera and a tripod. An exposure of six seconds closed the deal.

portrait of martina

Five seconds it took to capture this portrait of Martina. Actually, that is the exposure time. It took me more time to persuade her to have her image taken, but I guess that’s part of a photographers job: preparation is the biggest part of a photo-shoot. 

portrait of denis

After two years I had the opportunity to photograph Denis again. His faced changed: he grew a beard. The rest was more or less the same though it is interesting to see the difference between the first and second photo. Because of this, I created a separate gallery: ’double seconds’ where I show the same persons in a different time frame.

Note to self: ask every sitter to come back for a second shoot…

three portraits in a row

Meet Ivica, Branko and Vinko: the regional sales managers of the firm. In common they have the white shirt with a black jacket, no tie, short haircut. Handsome guys. All three of them.

I love how the light faded one side of their faces, making it almost a double portrait, a photo montage. The effect is even made stronger by the squeezing of their eyes..

portrait of ivana

She came to the head office to say goodbye as it was her last week within the firm. Everybody was there so it was a nice opportunity to do so, though it must have been tough: her eyes look aqueous (watery) and it looks like her lips are trembling. 

Four second exposure with window light and a reflector.

portrait of marinko

I did not expect Marinko willing to ‘play’. I know him for quite some years now and I also know that right now he is extremely busy at work, leaving him little time for private life. That said, my portraits don’t take long: within five minutes we’re done.

Window light, reflector and 4 seconds exposure made this portrait.

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