portrait of luka

As with Silvija, I never really met Luka. I see him in the hall, I know the office he’s working in and I asked him several times for a portrait. But we never really met. Today he agreed on a portrait and that is how I finally got to know him. Window light, a reflector and four seconds.

Mental note to myself: introduce myself to all unknown people in the firm …

portrait of silvija

I should be ashamed of myself. I really should. 

For months I am bothering people in the hall, asking to take their portrait, convincing them they really need to. Happily many of them, in the end, agree. 

And then, there is this awkward moment I have to ask for their name. Not that I forgot it, I simply did not had a chance to proper introduce myself to them. To shake their hand, welcome them in the firm and ask for their name. Silly me.

Meet Silvija. Window light, my reflector and 2 seconds.

portrait of marijan

Today was his last day in the firm. He came three years ago when we were in a quite significant transition phase. As Marijan and I were working in the same department, we worked a lot together, sharing moments of fun, laughter and of course tougher moments.

For him the time came to move forward, try his luck somewhere else. Good luck Marijan, thanks for the great moments we shared.

Window light, a reflector and two seconds.

portrait of mia

For the first time I will show the same person in one post. Normally I would like to have at least some weeks before I make a ’double’. However, Mia astonished me with having a complete different look within two minutes. 

Sadly the second is not as sharp as I wished for since Mia had problems being still: as soon as the timer started, her face started to tremble. Funny. Both images window light plus my reflector.

4 seconds

3 seconds

portrait of kristina

While taking Kristina’s portrait I immediately noticed that her attitude changed while in front of the camera. A calmness appeared and she seemed incredibly relaxed. I’ve photographed many people, but I rarely so such a strong change. Funny.

Despite her calmness, she did not manage to sit still for six seconds. Obviously this is really tough (tougher than 120km ultra trail), and in the end the best photo lasted two seconds only. Window light and a reflector.

portrait of tamara

Today during lunch Tamara told me she wanted her portrait retaken. We did already a session before, but that was at the end of a hectic week when she was tired, so she wanted another one, being more fresh. So we did, four shots but the third one was the best. Two seconds, window light and my reflector.

portrait of hrvoje

Today Hrvoje walked in four or five times. Honestly, to me it was not very clear why, until I realized he actually wanted his portrait taken. Silly me. I should have realized that at once.

We did a session before and then we knew already we would do another shoot. Today was the day obviously. As with all my sessions, they are rather short and straight forward, but somehow Hrvoje managed to have three different poses within four images. 

I selected the one below, despite being the quickest one (only two seconds), I like how the pose is so contradictory of the first session we did. Window light and a reflector.

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