i commute IV

I commute. This week my drive towards work took me a bit longer than usual. Instead of ‘my’ Zagreb, I had to go to Belgrado. The highway ZG - BG reminds me of the Dutch roads: long and flat, every now and then a curve. Happily there were clouds.

ps: sorry for the dirty windshield …

family portraits

Little Danijel was celebrating his second birthday so it was a great day to gather together with the family for a drink and a bite. Though I normally make normal photographs during family happenings, I now asked the family to sit still for a while as well.

Background was a metal garage door which I thought it would look wonderful in black and white, no reflector and no window since we were out in the full sun. 

The younger generation managed to be still for two seconds whereas the older generation did not had any problem with six seconds posing.


The picture below is technically incorrect. Instead of one of the boys, the chair is in focus. The guy in the back is slightly overexposed. Technically it is a bad picture.

That said, for me, who is close to the boys it is a great picture. The way the guys look at me, the way they are positioned, the dog watching one of them. To me, this picture, which lasted only one moment, shows me at least ten years of history.

portrait of ines

Since I work in the firm (which is quite some time already), Ines is working here as well. Though I changed several jobs and departments, Ines stays steady in her present job, doing the best she can day after day.

At first she was not really for a portrait, but a slight change in my workflow made her accept the challenge. Last week we finally did a session. Window light, my reflector and four seconds.

portrait of mirela

Mirela was one of the first persons of my project. I photographed her more than two years ago and frequently asked her for a reshoot. This week she walked in our office and told me she was ready to let her portrait taken again.

This time she wasn’t as still as before. We managed only two seconds. Window light and a reflector.

portrait of davor

I know Davor for about four to five years now. We worked together in probably the most hectic department in the firm. After a first transition I came to support when things were falling apart. It was tough, it was hard work, but it was fun as well. Nowadays, the department is probably still most hectic, but after several big changes, at least it is functioning quite well.

In his free time, Davor goes to gym. A lot. His body is quite strong developed which for some reason is not visible on my photo. An image of several seconds is doing miracles with authenticy. You need to relax and therefore posture is in its most natural form.

Window light, a reflector and two seconds.

portrait of luka

As with Silvija, I never really met Luka. I see him in the hall, I know the office he’s working in and I asked him several times for a portrait. But we never really met. Today he agreed on a portrait and that is how I finally got to know him. Window light, a reflector and four seconds.

Mental note to myself: introduce myself to all unknown people in the firm …

portrait of silvija

I should be ashamed of myself. I really should. 

For months I am bothering people in the hall, asking to take their portrait, convincing them they really need to. Happily many of them, in the end, agree. 

And then, there is this awkward moment I have to ask for their name. Not that I forgot it, I simply did not had a chance to proper introduce myself to them. To shake their hand, welcome them in the firm and ask for their name. Silly me.

Meet Silvija. Window light, my reflector and 2 seconds.

portrait of marijan

Today was his last day in the firm. He came three years ago when we were in a quite significant transition phase. As Marijan and I were working in the same department, we worked a lot together, sharing moments of fun, laughter and of course tougher moments.

For him the time came to move forward, try his luck somewhere else. Good luck Marijan, thanks for the great moments we shared.

Window light, a reflector and two seconds.

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