portrait of hrvoje

It took me more than a week to convince Hrvoje to do a portrait and in the end he accepted and we did three shots. The result surprised us both as he looks so frightened in this portrait which he isn’t. Window light, reflector and 4 seconds.

He agreed on a re-shoot which I am looking forward to, as it will be a perfect combination for my series ’double seconds’.

portrait of igor

Friday morning. Igor drops by for some questions and small talk. I ask him for a portrait and he accepts. Three attempts and five minutes later we’re done. I like the fact that he’s able to smile. Positive attitude. Window light, reflector and six seconds.

portraits of office people

People start to drop in our office lately. Either for serious questions, either for small talk. Both or needed and both are nice. That said, when people are already in our office (or so-called ‘studio 50’), we’d better take a portrait as well.

Meet Kristijan, Josipa, Alen, Sandra and Petar. All window light, reflector and several seconds of exposure.

portrait of ivan

I love this image cause it is such a difference from reality. The Ivan you meet in reality is so different from the Ivan in the picture. I am really astonished with this and because of this, it is one of my favorites. Window light, reflector and 5 seconds exposure.


Photographers know that the most patient model is the photographer himself. Many of us experiment in front of the camera all kind of lightning setups, technical settings and so on and so on. Probably, the selfie is born out of this: photographers experimenting on them selves and sharing this with the community.

To be clear, I do not like my own selfies, but I do like to experiment on myself with lightning setups. Self, 5 seconds exposure with window light.

ps: I do have ears, just on this image they somehow disappeared …

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