encounter #16: baka

I didn’t ask her name, but at least I asked for a portrait. Encounters: photographs of the people I meet. It is still hard to ask strangers for a portrait, but slowly I’m improving… I start to ask more and more.

encounter #15: Mario

Mario is the proud owner of a red tractor and I must admit, it is the most shiny one in our village. During my latest walk in the neighborhood I managed to see him in action and he proudly stopped for an image.

encounter #14: Milan Bandic loyalist

I don’t like politics. Never did, never will. Don’t trust politicians either. I once heard a quote in a movie: “I am a politician, and therefore I lie and I cheat”. Croatian politicians obviously saw this movie as well.

Anyway, as every politician is a person, they are potential subjects for me to photograph. I do like persons. Just let’s not discuss politics. It’s useless. Especially in Croatia. There is no middle, only left, right and all is wrong, at least according the opposition, who ever it is. No middle. But then, I should shut up, as I have no right to vote, refusing to take this right. No politics for me.

Why am I ranting about politics? Because of the previous images: a woman in despair, a politician praying for help and the loyalist below, wearing a t-shirt of the local mayor. The t-shirt is worn out, so is our mayor, but the owner is the only one working (at least he says) and so is our mayor (at least he says).

One day we will all laugh about this, till then, it remains sad. Welcome to Zagreb in 2020. 

ps: I forgot to ask the name of our loyalist. Shame on me. So much to learn still.

encounter #13: Dario (the politician)

Dario is a local politician, aiming for the world and beyond. He came to the villages around me to see how life is after the earthquake of Zagreb. To see how an epicenter looks like. He came, he saw, he left. I caught him praying. Is there hope?

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