Sometimes I just need to stroll, to walk around, to take a step back from daily life. Sometimes I just need to get out and see. Sometimes I just need to get out with one of my cameras and take a picture. Sometimes I just need to see the beauty in ordinary things…

Stairs at the Sawa river, Zagreb. Two seconds exposure in full daylight …

portrait of ivan and tomislav

On Friday I had two shots… 

One with Tomislav, he’s on his first working day. Though new in the firm, he’s not new. He worked here before, left, and now returned. Things change, but then they don’t, do they?

Ivan had his last day in the firm, he worked with us for two years and basically wanted to have his photo taken in color, but then, this is not something I do a lot. I decided to tone him slightly, so we have the best of both worlds.

Both images window light, both images two seconds.

portrait of filip

Filip walked into the office and we all commented the same thing… he could have had a role in “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Needless to say I simply had to photograph him. Since I already asked several times, now he accepted the challenge.

Exposure is five seconds and therefore slightly blurred, but to me, it fitted the image. Window light with a reflector.


Autumn is here. Wind is blowing. Leaves are falling. Time is changing, though slowly. This year autumn comes slowly, temperatures still high, and the transition from full life to death goes slowly…

Not that I mind, I love the colors, I love the whispering of the leaves in the trees. Listen to them, what are they trying to say?

First image 20 seconds, second image 4 second exposure.

portrait of anita

Anita helped me with holding the reflector while shooting the HR-photo for Tomislav. Of course, when already present in the room I asked her for a portrait as well. 

Next to her work in our firm, Anita writes (and photographs) a delicious blog about food. You should have a look at her instagram page of you like cooking.

Five seconds, window light and a reflector.

portrait of tomislav

Tomislav came to me and asked me for a normal portrait. He needed one for the HR department. Of course I was willing to do him a favor, but it would cost him: a multiple second portrait. We did this one first and the second (out of three) did it. 

Window light, six seconds and a reflector.

I took a look at the images made from the other camera (a great one, the fuji x-pro, which I always carry) and then from my ‘special’ camera. The latter sees things I don’t even see. To me, the background (a whiteboard) is white. To the fuji as well.

The ‘special’ camera captures so much more detail, it is amazing and so look the prints. It is a shame I use this camera only for this project, but then I want it to remain special. For this project only. Call me silly.

portrait of katarina

At the end of the working week I found Katarina still being in the office. Most people had left already and I was preparing to go as well. That said, there is always time to create a portrait. 

Being dressed in white, I thought it would be a great fit with her black hair and with my whiteboard (which obviously was not cleaned that well by me).

We did four images, this one lasting five seconds. Window light and my reflector.

stripes II

My last series shot with the Sigma DP0 Quattro. Though a great camera, a great tool, it doesn’t fit my style. I do people and if possible from close. 

The DP0 is simply to wide for me for this purpose. It is a great tool for story telling, for cinematic use. However not for me. I don’t need wide, I need medium format :)

The series below is a follow-up from this series. Patterns are every where. You just need to see them. Shot in monochrome mode, split-toned with NIK.

stripes I

Patterns are a great subject to photograph in cinematic view (21:9), especially when done in black & white. Images below were shot with the Sigma DP0 Quattro, in monochrome mode.

portrait of martina

Today was our last day together in the office. Martina started as a student in our firm but soon afterwards received a steady job. We worked together several times, basically all the time for the same department. Now the time has come that Martina explores a new future. Being young, that’s what she should do :)

We reshuffled our office / studio, so with that both my background and lightning approach changed. Background might be more interesting.

Though still window light, difference from window to subject is significant bigger. Reflector used to fill the shadows. Two seconds exposure as Martina could not manage anything longer.

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